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Posted By: Obayomi Abiola          In: Self Growth          449 Views         (Dec 05, 2017)

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Hello to you and how is your day going? I have a leading in my heart to share this particular piece with you first and foremost, to encourage you, to tell you that it doesn’t matter that this year is about to come to an end; that God can still do for you in these remaining few days what you had hitherto thought wouldn’t be possible again this year. There is one thing that you must understand and it is the fact that God is not limited by time. We have an awesome God who can step out of time to attend to your case, the Scriptures say “He changes times and seasons.”

I remember this particular experience that I had sometimes ago. That singular experience gave me an understanding that irrespective of your situation, God is aware of it; and knows what you are going through per time. A sister of mine had just given birth to a bouncing baby boy, and my wife and I had gone to say hello to them at the hospital where she had delivered. The hospital was some ten to twelve kilometers away from where we were residing, and so; it was a little bit of a long journey. After saying hello to the mother and the baby, we decided to take our leave to return home, as it was already getting towards late in the evening.

As we journeyed some few kilometers away from the hospital, our car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. This time, it was around after 7pm in the night, and it became very difficult to even spot any mechanic shop that could still be opened at this time of the day. It was drizzling as well, and we have lots of loads in the vehicle as my wife had earlier visited the market to get some food items. So, there we were in the middle of the road, 7pm in the night and the rains about descending heavily. Tried a couple of gimmicks whether the car would even start, but at this point; the car battery had gone completely flat.

The question then remains: where on earth can one even get a car battery to start the car so that one can move it away from the road a little bit? Other vehicles were just speeding past us, not stopping to even give a helping hand. So, we were there – helpless and not knowing the next step of action. Almost twenty minutes in that ordeal, I just noticed some two young folks – not knowing where they were coming from, walking passed us on the road. So, I asked them: “guys, where can I please get a battery to start this car?” Behold, there response was the right answer we needed at that time.

The way it appeared was if God deliberately sent them to take that particular road that night. So they responded: “we are mechanics, and our shop isn’t far from here. We can help you get a battery to jump start the car and then you can continue your journey afterwards.” Wow! Isn’t that awesome? The kind of excitement within me at that moment was totally indescribable. So, they left and returned back to us almost fifteen minutes later with a battery to start our car. We exchanged batteries, started my car with the battery they brought and then, the car started working again. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

Our thought was that by simply putting back my own battery into the car, the alternator should be able to charge it back, and then we can proceed with our journey home. But to our greatest shock and surprise, we found that the alternator had stopped working, and it was even the reason it drained the battery in the first place. In order to permanently fix the problem, the alternator must be worked upon to avoid further embarrassment of draining batteries. The challenge then remains where to get an electrical specialist to work on the alternator, as these two boys weren’t trained to do that. To my greatest surprise, the boys simply responded: “there is electrical experts in our shop right now who can help you fix it, if you don’t mind, you can come with us; he hasn’t closed.” Really? I simply responded; “that would be fine.”

This personal experience I am sharing with you may not weigh so much with you simply because I am the one it happened to, but what I want you to glean from it is the fact that God is always on time – irrespective of what you are going through; God sees it all, and knows everything.

We drove to their shop with their battery and then we met the electrical guy they had brought me to meet. I explained to the guy, he worked on the alternator; and the car simply came back on working perfectly. By the time we were rounding off, the time was already approaching 9pm in the night. We left the place, drove home and all was well afterwards. Just imagine if those boys had not showed up at the time they did, if the rewire expert had probably gone home too as well. It means we would have gone back home that night without a car, and the stress of having to carry so many loads by ourselves.

Our heavenly father knows what we need and our heart desire per time, and he will never fail us in meeting those needs. Jesus said Matthew 7:9-11 that “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him?” God knows what you need and want; He will give it to you; in His time. There is this quote by Dillon Burroughs which says “God is never late and rarely early. He is always exactly right on time – His time.”

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